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13 September 2007

Turquoise and Orange

By tirane93. Tuesday, 15. August 2006, 21:35:42
It's August. We've had about fifteen consecutive days of 100+(farenheit) weather. The heat at nine in the evening slams down as oppressively as parental disapproval. During the day one simply doesn't go outdoors.

Quilting per se isn't done in my house during August. I don't want anything heavy in my lap when the air conditioner fights hard to keep the indoor temps down to 80.

Try as I might, I can't force myself to work on christmas projects in August. It's too hot to think about mittens, winter coats, snow pants, or hot cocoa; things that must be thought about while sewing a christmas gift. Nor do i feel comfortable working on springy little bunny rabbits or happy little flowers. It feels somehow false. About all i can think about is the HEATand how best to get relief from it. Orange/bleached out sky blue/white/yellow sunsets seen through heat waves out my living room window, sun scorched peppers and tomatoes in the garden, carefully tended lawns burnt to hay colored brown; stand anywhere in my town and twirl. This is the panorama. You can hear the squeals and shrieks of kids having fun from the public pools just a few blocks away from ten in the morning until dusk. Water is the only relief from this heat.

So when the quilting jones hits me between the eyes in August I piece. This year I'm piecing something abstract in turquoise and orange to remind me about how hot this summer has been. Maybe I'll quilt it in the dead of grey december so I will enjoy the crisp cool weather a little bit more.

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