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13 October 2007

It's Quilting Season!

Don’t you start getting a little friskier this time of year? The temperatures start cooling down a bit, making it ideal weather for thinking about knitting warm mittens and quilting up some tops. About this time of year I start working over my gift list for the holidays, finding ways to give hand made gifts and calculating how many nights I’ll have to stay up past midnight working on them to get them all done. One of my favorite gifts from my household to another is a basket with hand made table napkins and a jar of homemade granola. Other than food allergies, this gift almost can’t go wrong and it doesn’t cost much in time or effort.

These baskets can be dressed up with the addition of interesting napkin rings, a sprinkling of individually wrapped candies or chocolates, or a jar topper.

There are plenty of small quilted goods that work well with these baskets. For example, a pair of potholders, bibs (if there are babies or todlers in the family), coasters, and tea cozies all tuck into the empty spots well.

By the way, I’m always on the lookout for another whimsical potholder or bib pattern, so if any of you know of something, send me a link or a picture!

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