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26 October 2007


These six rows (and five unattached blocks) have been sitting on my UFO shelf for two years. They are the result of a row robin I participated in a few years back; I made the Corn and Beans row and my fellow swappers made all the rest. I hauled the blocks out once in a while, layed them out on the floor, scrambled them around, put my chin in my hand and went, "hmmm" about them from time to time, but always put them back on the shelf.

Those darned triangles I had to frog stitch last week for a different quilt really made me mad. Quilting is my hobby. It's supposed to be fun for cryin' out loud. I set the entire project aside after taking apart all 72 pairs of incorrectly sewn triangles. I find it best not to work on a quilt while I'm mad at it.

I stood around in front of my stash for a while after putting that quilt on my UFO shelf and the row robin called to me. It took me all of an hour to decide how best to lay this out. It took about six hours total to assemble the top (from rows, remember. the blocks were already done for me - I'm no Wonder Woman). I'm piecing a simple back for it today. Whew. My good quilting karma is restored and I believe I can hear the muffled call of those triangles claiming they can be good now.

*Yet Another Completed Top


  1. Which is corn & beans? I like the 3rd one from the bottom - buy I doubt that I would persevere through all of those triangles...

    fellow rrblogger

  2. ding ding ding ding! third row from the bottom IS corn and beans. this block was traditionally made with brown and yellow fabrics. the tiny triangles end up looking like little beans and kernels of corn. i loved making that row.

  3. I really like this quilt. I usually don't go for the row quilts, but this one calls to me. Great job!!


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