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09 December 2007


I decided what to do with the autumn prints I picked up at that fine sale recently. It isn't a two block quilt like I thought I wanted (I tried every combination I could think of in EQ6 but alas, nothing pleased me). I ended up doing what I call the half a**ed log cabin block because one only adds logs on two sides and what kind of cabin would that make! (Anyone know what this block is really called?) It looked a little boring to me even alternating the colors so I decided to throw on a bunch of appliqued leaves.


Making the blocks themselves was a walk in the park. From cutting to last pressing couldn't have been six hours elapsed time (I didn't have the opportunity to sit at the table straight through however. The work ranged over nearly a week). I cut out a bunch of leaves from the scraps and roughly pinned them to each block one evening last week and started the applique process. Got nine of 'em finished that first day. Ah, the enthusiasm we generate with a new project. The next five went fairly quickly the following evening. I forget now (time is a blur during this part of the year) how long it took me to get the next TWENTY done, but now I have seven of them left. I can feel the repelling force field around my sewing table now which prevents me from sitting down to complete the leaf in progress. It is so strong it nearly keeps me out of the sewing room altogether, but my computer is in here too, so I guess that mitigates the field somehow.

I am going to finish these blocks; I am going to finish these blocks; I am going to...

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  1. I love it! And I love what you did with the Sherbet fabrics you got too!

    Can't wait to see them in person!


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