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06 April 2008

Barbara's 8-Pointed Stars

The recent Quiltathon weekend provoked me into starting this quilt (see bottom half of article) which had been in the "stack-o-fabric" state for at least a couple of years. I finished the binding about an hour ago and tomorrow it will be on it's way to Pennsylvania to it's new home. I was very pleased with how well the bright blues worked with the very understated neutrals and the wonky feather quilting didn't let me down. It was probably a mistake to try to free hand the swag border - apparently i make steeper up curves than down curves, making the entire border look like it is being buffeted about by the wind, but at least I've learned an important lesson.

As always it felt really good to finish a project - particularly one that came out pretty much like it was envisioned.

On to the April Take it Further Challenge!


  1. Isn't that gorgeous! I love it. I am planning to bring my feedsack RR next time we meet to discuss you quilting it. Hope I get it back in time!

  2. So beautiful! You have made a pretty one.


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