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20 September 2008

Quilting Basics Tutorials

Over the years I've worked up several tutorials for some of the basics of quilting. Most of you will be far beyond these, some of you might find one or more of them useful. All the tutorials are full of pictures of the technique in progress. They come from various classes I've taught or questions that other quilters ask me so often that it has become easier to refer them to a link than teach it over again. I recently compiled all these tutorials into a wordpress blog which you can access from the sidebar at right or via the link below (click on picture).

Please don't be shy about feedback if you go visit these. If I've mistyped a measurement, put the wrong picture in a spot, or even if you just find regular old typos, leave me a message. Feel free to refer novice quilting friends to these links if you think they might be of some use.

If there are other techniques you'd like to see demonstrated or tutorialized, let me know. Currently in the works is a needle comparison tutorial which will probably be ready in the next few weeks.

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  1. Great Tutorials! I love the math charts. I am so bad at figuring out measurements.


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