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22 February 2009

February Quiltathon - Sunday Edition

07:40 Sunday

Good morning quiltathoners! This morning I'll be sipping coffee and giving blood. On my return however, I'll start the piecing for my Reef World Reloaded quilt. There isn't much to the piecing so I'll have to think up a couple other projects to round out the day with while I'm drinking coffee. Are you caffeinating? Are you sharpening up your scissors, pulling fabrics to cut?

19:40 Sunday

Oh my dear and fluffy lord that took WAY too long. Here's my finished top:

I can explain why it's so dumb looking. This quilt will mostly be about quilting. I'm going to quilt a reef. It SHOULD look like the viewer is looking into an underwater cave (darker towards the center, get it?). I won't be starting on the quilting for a couple of weeks yet, but once I get it going I'll probably post the heck out of it.

That about does it for me for this February quiltathon. Thanks Judy, for hostessing these every month, and thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented on my progress. I'm going to have a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie with my feet propped up now. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I've enjoyed mine!


  1. well .. I can say I'm up. I'm going to be working on those HSTs today and not much more. Still getting over being sick this week.

  2. I'm up, too. Couldn't sleep so I've been up since 7.
    Beautiful blues in the picture, what are you going to do with them?

  3. It's snowing here in PA, so it is a good day to stay inside, drink coffee, make a chicken pot pie and sew!

    Happy Sewing!

  4. decluttering.....again....still....


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