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24 February 2009

I Can't Help It...

...I'm a mathematician. We fiddle with numbers. It's like breathing to us.

I was sitting here, staring through rather than at my stash while sipping coffee. I was wondering in an off-hand way, how many quilts were sitting on those shelves.

There was a pencil and a left over flying geese foundation paper sitting right next to my elbow. (evil grin)

I accordion fold my fabric at about 5" intervals to put it on the shelves. There are about 200 folds in any given stack on the shelves when that stack fills the shelf space. There are five stacks to a shelf. I have 18 shelves full of fabric.

For some average quilt (granted, not for something with thousands of tiny pieces) that's about full to queen sized, six yards makes a front and six yards makes a back. That's 12 yards to the quilt.

(flex flex)

So... ( 5" folds x 200 folds per stack x 5 stacks per shelf x 18 shelves / 36 inches to the yard ) / 12 yards to the quilt = 208 quilts.

I'd better get busy!


  1. WOW! I'm just starting to re-fold and re-organize my stash. Wonder how many I've got...

  2. Somethings you are just better off not knowing!

  3. I don't think I want to know how many I have!

  4. OK and what is the math on how long it would take you to make and quilt all of those? Please don't look at my stash! LOL!

  5. Is that All?? I think its time to go shopping!

  6. wow, yes you better get busy :))
    Happy Sewing!

  7. Dont you just hate mathematicians, so come on over to Australia and work out mine. Oh that might mean I may have to buy more to keep with you, so definitely come on over.

  8. Your stash over-whelms mine! lol
    To only dream of that much fabric in my stash.


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