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29 March 2009

Quiltathon Sunday Edition

08:05 Sunday

First up this morning is turning this...

into a few throw pillow covers. Off to a bit of a sleepy start so lots of coffee will be necessary I'm sure.

12:15 Sunday

Not a way to make pillow covers look exciting I guess, but here they are all done.

Now I get to work on DD#1's second quilt layout. It will be in the same fabrics as her first one, but I want this one to have that 60's graphic arts look to it. Here's a link to a picture of her first one, and a picture of the fabrics I'll be using (mostly the same ones) is here. I'll post a picture of the layout once I have it finalized. Maybe I'll make a test block out of the black fabrics I cut last night too... :)

15:25 Sunday

I couldn't figure a way to do this in EQ6 so i just used the cheesy little paint program that comes with just about any new pc, so forgive the really awful artwork here, but you'll still get the idea. I think this layout is what I want. It still leaves a bit of elbow room for last minute changes. The wheels with radiating spokes are the cheapo imitation of this quilting which I was practising a few weeks ago. There will be lots more quilting than what is shown in this drawing, and the bubbles will be in a variety of sizes in colors to coordinate with the fabrics.

The test block for my shadow squares came out pretty good. I definitely like the background fabric I chose (the white with small black flowers and vines). I was a little worried that it would look all crazy if I didn't line up the print just right, but the print is tight enough so that it doesn't matter. SO...just 19 more of these bad boys, one intricately paper pieced border, and three regular borders, and this quilt top will be done! Yah, wishful thinking.

The next thing I'll be doing is putting together a package for a quilting friend. This will take a while to do but isn't really the kind of thing that photographs well. After that I'll be working on the old nine patch restoration. I'll snap some before and afters of that and post my final update just before bedtime.

I hope you've all had a really good quiltathon weekend. Thanks Judy, for thinking up this clever idea and hostessing it for us each month!


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  2. Wow you got a lot done this weekend!

  3. you've been busy! can't wait to see the new quilt for DD#1

  4. Tirane,

    Thank so much for the tip of clipping the curves. I am going to give it another try! :)

    You have a great blog. I will be back!

  5. looks like you had a nice quilty weekend. great job

  6. I have throw pillows that look just like the ones you made!


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