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10 May 2009

DD #1's 2nd Quilt



Psychedelic didn't win any ribbons at the show, but it got rave reviews when it was delivered this morning to my oldest daughter. The colors worked really well with her decor and she couldn't stop commenting on all the quilting details. It made for an excellent mother's day morning!

Now I need to turn some of the scraps into a few pillow cases for her...

The Ronald McDonald House Challenge quilt (discussed in this post) did win a ribbon though. Picture HERE.


  1. Wow, well done!

    I love both quilts and they are so different, but the great quilting is in both of them!!!

    I am sure some child will be trilled with your charity quilt!

    What more a mother can wish then a happy daughter! :)

    Happy mother's day!

    Zlaty :)

  2. Very nice! Congrats on the ribbon.

  3. Just gorgeous, both back and front of your first quilt.

  4. Oh it is simply brilliant, love it you have done a fantastic job and congrats on your winning ribbon

  5. LOVELY! The piecing looks complicated.

    Thank you for helping me name my quilt. :)


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