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15 June 2009

One Block Intermission

I'd always wanted to try a One Block Wonder quilt. The problem was the fabric. I didn't want to use anything really pretty for the first try in case i messed it up. While at my favorite fabric store recently I found an ideal starter fabric for $0.99 a yard. The background is too white; I knew it when I bought it, but it was still worth experimenting on.

I used a bit of American & Efird's Tropical Pixelle thread to scribble in the white background some and that helped alot. This quilt took three days to make from setting up the fabric repeats to hand sewing the binding. Plenty big enough for a baby or toddler.

Now I'm brave enough to try this technique on some pretty fabric, but I have to finish my black boxes first.


  1. Great idea, trying it with some el cheapo fabric. I want to try one too, but hate buying such expensive fabric and so much at a time....I'm more a nickels and dimes kinda girl! ANyway, your's turned out pretty cute.

  2. I have made two of those quilts and they are beautiful if you get the right fabric. It is good to try it out though because you need a lot of fabric, esp if the design is a large one.

  3. what a brilliant idea, cant wait to see the "good" one as your sample turned out brilliantly


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