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26 September 2009

All in a Day's Work

A customer emailed to tell me she would like a little help on a quilt she is making for a treasured relative. She had purchased and cut quite a bit of fabric.

She brought all of it over a few days ago, we opened up the project and had a look see.

About thirty nine patch variation blocks in several color combinations were cut but unassembled. The finished size of the blocks would be about 7". There were several largish scraps from some fifteen or so fat quarters.

My customer wanted a king sized quilt.

I explained that we'd need to add more fabric to what she brought me.

I drew up a block stretching sketch of a quilt for her

and we looked at some fabric choices.

She's very easy to work with, so this part was pretty painless.

So I put together all her blocks and cut a few more to make up enough to follow the sketch.

Setting squares alternating with her blocks formed up the center.

There was enough of her fabrics left over to make a nice color block border to tie the quilt together with.

Lots of borders were added to the center block work to bring it up to king size.

I whipped together a back, pieced from various reds and browns that coordinated with the top.

Sandwich, quilt and bind.

Not a day, but two weeks. Even still, why don't my own quilts move this fast?

This project was a daunting undertaking at the outset, but by the time I finished it I was really glad I had the opportunity. Taking a commission for a quilt where you get to go out and purchase the fabrics, design, cut, sew and quilt is really fun, but starting where someone else left off gives you the chance to try to see a quilt through someone else's eyes.


  1. You did great job on designing and putting it together! I love the quilting too!

    I agree that it went fast, maybe the customer inspired you and she had some done so it went faster!

    Happy sewing!


  2. it's totally AWESOME! great job on the layout.

  3. Wow...the quilt looks great and you did all that in two weeks! I know she had to be pleased silly.

  4. yeah yeah yeah,,, brag a little
    two week quilt
    yeah yeah yeah,,,

    < very big grins! >
    the great unknown


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