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13 February 2010

February Quiltathon

08:30 Saturday

Got my steaming hot cup of coffee in hand (ok, I put it down to type) and I'm looking at 100 finished snowball blocks.  100 more to go this morning...

...fortunately that won't be a problem because they're almost finished.  I can't congratulate myself too much though because...

...there are still 800 triangle pairs lurking on the corner of my table waiting for me to press and square them up.  That miiiiiigght be a long wait for a train don't come.  At least, probably not this weekend.  And some sad news...

...the very last licorice gummy bear is sitting on my computer table.  I'm not big on chocolate, but I do like licorice.

Check out what other Quiltathoners will be doing this weekend HERE, stop back by this post later in the day to see my updates, and enjoy your own Quiltathon Weekend!

12:00 Saturday

Finished the last 100 snowballs!  Gonna eat some lunch and press those blocks.  See you back here after lunch with a couple of layout variations.

20:00 Saturday

Power outage for the bulk of the afternoon put quite a damper on my quilting efforts today.  I think it's over now.  I'll start sewing again in the morning.


  1. looks like you are making some nice progress on your quilt. I hate pressing HSTs too. Wonder what it is about them we don't like?

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