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03 June 2010

Modified Maple Rails

Several people suggested deleting the half leaves from around the center medallion, so I gave that a whirl....

...but my (re)take on it was to give the inner border more of a pop. So I went with purple after Teresa suggested the same idea...

They both have promise, but I really like the look of the leaves partially under the medallion in the center. Of course, Babs is the one who makes the final decision - by now she's probably thought up something else entirely!


  1. the one in the previous post that had the brown sash also had a bit of a natural sash as well. That being said, I do think the purple is better but I also like the half leaves removed. No help am I?

  2. oooooohhh!!! We're going with the purple AND the 1/2 leaves...I love it!

    you know you're going to have to help me lay this all out- right? I think this will have to be August's meeting project for me. .

  3. It really is a pretty quilt and could be finished just in time for Fall.

  4. WOW!! that is so pretty! I love the layout and the colors ya'll are doing with this. Nice to see that Babs is finally using those Maple leaves up ;o) (I have a stack of those too)

  5. this is beautiful!!! I love the partial leaves myself.

  6. This has so much punch! What a gorgeous quilt. I too think the purple was a good idea for the inner border.

    I really admire your precise piecing too....one of the reason I became a crazy quilter is that I cannot sew in a straight line.


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