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18 October 2010

Online Quilting Swap

I don't swap much anymore.  For several years I was perpetually in block swaps.  Loved the heck out of 'em, too.  But after a while I realized I wasn't getting the creative outlet I wanted, so I stopped.  Once in a great while I'll still join one.  Right now I'm participating in the Candlemat Swap on Quilting Gallery.  The block pattern looked interesting and versatile.  I made this test block in traditional christmas colors just to make sure I really wanted in, then I joined up.

  Our swap partners are blind - that is, we don't know who has our name, but we get someone's name and color/style preferences. 

One of the things I enjoy about swapping is trying to work with someone else's color preferences.  You're pretty much guaranteed that it'll be different than your own, but that's a good thing to me.

Here's a shot of some of the colors going into my partner's mat.  Now I just have to quit being such a chicken and turn them into something!

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  1. Your test looks great and your sample colors are going to be very nice. Maybe it's for me! I'm in the swap too, and I have mine half done...it's been fun. I love to create for someone else.


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