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10 January 2011

Quilting Retreat Report

Craft-away Cottage is lovely!  Lots of room, perfect amenities, you should see all the quilts on the beds on the walls, everywhere!  I met a dozen or so wonderful people and as always with a quilting event, made instant friends.  There was plenty of inspiration in the projects at the tables near me - everyone had brilliant quilts in progress.  Our hostess, Nelda, was working on a black and white that just took my breath away.  There was a table full of people at the far end of the main room who were each working on a Judy Niemeyer quilt of some sort.

Beth and I giggled and snacked our way through Saturday, but the weather folk got all up in arms about some huge winter weather front that was on its way, so we headed on home late that night.  The front never made it through.  We got some drizzle, a little rain, and late Sunday night about 1/8" of snow flakes.  We should have stayed!

My piecing progress was different than I thought it would be.  I started on the blue chunky block quilt and found that I hadn't cut enough triangles, so I had to cut some more on my return.  Here's the finished top:
Still trying to figure out borders on this one - maybe a skinny blue on white inner border followed by a focus print (the wild geometric) outer border about half the size of a color block so 3.5".  that would give me a finished quilt of about 80" square.  Alternatively I could just bind in the focus and not put any borders on it at all, but that would leave me with a 72" square finished quilt which doesn't seem right with as big as those blocks are.  Suggestions welcome as always.

All the blocks are together for the kitchen print quilt but I have to lay it out to get the "random" feel to it while still keeping the colors a little balanced.  On this one I got some good input from other quilters when I had it up on the wall.  This top will probably appear in a post soon.

Putting the border on mom's sunset strip quilt tonight.  That'll be tomorrow's post.


  1. Love your quilt! I love the movement that it has!

    Happy sewing!

  2. you guys might not have gotten snow but we got about 4 inches - of course it didn't stay long, cause the day before was so warm, but it came down think and heavy. Just goes to show that even though we are about 15 miles apart the weather is like we live in different states!
    glad you had a good time!
    Beth in Dallas


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