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19 January 2011

Sunset Strip FINISHED

Mighty loose freehand quilting on this one.  Experimentation isn't always pretty.   I chose a backing fabric that wasn't an exact match but had most of the same colors in it.  The binding was accomplished during an animated philosophical/theological debate with my OFG last night.  Great way to pass the time.

 This quilt is just too noisy for me.  Mary makes strip blocks look good on her quilts, but this one is just too busy.  Maybe she'd be willing to accept it as a donation...
 I do like the back of the quilt though and it was fun quilting.  Therapy.  :)


  1. For me the noise level on tis one is perfect! I love it!

  2. Hello,
    I do not speak English, I use the translator.
    Some quilts great and very good cushioning.
    I love your hat punkiee
    Thanks for your comment.
    I follow.
    You can put a translator in your blog?

  3. So pretty and warm looking.


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