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08 March 2011

Sweat-Free Masonry

I'm not really sure why I even made this quilt except that the idea for it came to me one day and then it was like standing in a fire ant bed. I had to make it just so I could quit thinking about it. Well, at least it's done.

It seems like this quilt has been on my machine forever. I've had it on and back off a couple of times. The border work nearly killed me - not because it was hard quilting, but because I stared at the quilt for days trying to decide how to quilt it! OUCH! Quilter's block! (hehehehehe)

I like the texture of this quilting alot. The back shows it off better than the front does.

Fold it up, put it in the To Be Bound stack (why is that always the biggest stack?) and move on.

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