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16 January 2012

Black TATW Finished

The circle in the left border is just a lens flare.  I had to dump so much light into the room to get a good picture of a black quilt - well.  You don't want to hear it and I don't want to tell it.

This is one of my 24 Quilts.  I made the top while on retreat a few months ago and it came off Terpsichore two days ago.  I managed to get it bound today.

I love black fabrics.  There is only one drawback to making a black quilt.  Quilting it.  Unless you use something like lime green thread, you won't be able to see the quilting when it's over.  In fact, it's pretty hard to see the quilting while you're quilting it!  I've made a few black quilts in my day, so I didn't obsess over high detail in the quilting on this one.  It was a fun quilt from start to finish, and the season is still young, so I'll probably get to use it on my bed this winter.

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