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05 November 2012

Looks Great on a Lawyer*

Some time ago I showed off a quilt made from the leftovers of another quilt.  The first quilt wasn't finished yet, so it didn't get shown.  It's done now!

Since it's primarily black and tan and because it is also large and unweildy, I've decided to name it DOBERMAN.*

Squares on one side, circles on the other.  I enjoyed appliqueing the circles down by hand, but 49 is rather alot, so it took me a very long time to finish.

And that's MISTER Photobomb Doggy to you!  (Decaf is not a doberman, he's part golden retriever and part german shepherd.)

*The title of this post is an old lawyer joke of course.  What's black and tan and looks great on a lawyer?  A doberman!

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