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18 December 2012

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

...when all through the house
not a grandma was resting, not even (something that rhymes with house).

That's the mudroom.  I'd thrown the single cheapest piece of hardware store carpet on the roll I could purchase over this icky cracked concrete floor a few years ago when we re-did the kitchen roof.  Now, SUDDENLY, two weeks before christmas I just HAD to get the carpet up and put down the tile that matches the rest of the kitchen and laundry room.

Here's Decaf lining up with all the boxes of books that had to be taken off the shelves so the shelves could be taken down so the carpet could be pulled up (starting to sound like a children's book where the punchline is about a broken balloon, isn't it.).  He's a really funny dog.  He lined up there and just wagged at me for a while until I got the joke.

Here's the tile down!  Yay!  Oh my aching back!  This morning I cut all the fussy bits around the edges and mortared them in.  Tomorrow morning I'll grout it all.

While I took little breaks during the day I made the rest of the cookies I'll be sending out for christmas.  Below is the VERY EASY Eyeore's House cookie recipe I learned from a dear friend in 1992.

Melt 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a package of butterscotch morsels in the microwave.

Throw in a short can of potato sticks.  (No, I'm not kidding)

Drop by spoonful onto waxed paper.  Let sit until set!  I also made peanut butter buttons.  The hardest part of these cookies is waiting until they cool to eat them!

Decaf really likes peanut butter.  He can smell it as soon as I open the jar, so of course, he helped me keep track of the cookies.  Especially checking to see if they were cool enough to eat!

Are they ready yet?? [wag wag]

I haven't done any sewing in several days, but that'll change as soon as the floor is finished tomorrow.

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  1. Love the floor and the pooch! Enjoy your Holidays.


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