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17 March 2013

Gen X Quilter

Look!  It's Darumaka! and he's hanging from your livingroom wall!

Darumaka is a Pokemon character.  He looks very pixilated because he IS very pixilated.

My dd#2 looooves Pokemon.  She's loved Pokemon for about 20 years now.  It's adorable.  Anyway, she started out a year or so ago making a knitted blanket of another character, Flaaffy.  She knitted a bunch of tiny squares and then whipped them together.


Cute, but a LOT of tying in loose ends. She decided to try making them from some of my quilting cottons instead.  Hence, Darumaka.

This is the back of Darumaka before assembly...and Opal the deaf catahoula, my dd#2's darling doggie.  (she's sitting on a sweater that dd#2 knitted for her)

 This next picture is her sketch of Reuniclus, another Pokemon, and the kit of 1.5" squares she cut out to build him from.

She assembled the quilt in rows and pressed seams like a pro.  Below you can see how tidy the back of the quilt is (and how cute her dog's nose is).

And here's Reuniclus all finished and laying out on her bed.  He's considerably larger than Darumaka.

Serious hat tip to Red Pepper Quilts for inspiring dd#2 with her quilt photos.  Here's the back for Reuniclus.  Note the safety pins.  dd#2 is quilting all this stuff on her domestic machine.

Gorgeous back.  Here's a closeup.

She's thinking pretty seriously about making several others and offering them for sale to other Pokemon enthusiasts.  If there's an enthusiast in your family you can contact her HERE.  Tell her mommy referred you ;)

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