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22 July 2013

A Hairy Feathered Bird

 My aunts got married on the 20th.  Congratulations to them!

I asked about the colors in my aunt's living room and she said, "grey, soft blue, with undertones of pink."  People who can say things like that always know what they're talking about.  It's so much easier to make a quilt for someone who says, grey, soft blue, with undertones of pink, than for instance someone who says, "well, kinda redish, but not really quite red if you know what I mean."

Her description put me immediately in mind of these fabrics and as soon as I had the fabrics out I was thinking about things archaeologic and things feathered.

I used a simple nine patch path across the middle of the quilt to keep from having just one huge chunk of each of the main fabrics.  The hardest part of the entire process (and I didn't manage to make it perfect by a long shot) was getting everything lined up on Terpsichore so that the corners matched up through all layers at all the intersections.

The feathers were FUN.  When I stood back and looked at the finished product I realized it couldn't be called anything but Archaeopteryx!*

If I had it all to do over again, I'd probably have used a lighter grey on the outer border.  My aunts liked it, and that's the important part of course.

*An Archaeopteryx is one of the earliest transition animals of the fossil record between dinosaurs and birds. I found out about them in the 70's whilst reading a compendium of B.C. comics.

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  1. Looks really neat. I love that feather detail. Makes me want to touch it.


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