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18 February 2014

Superheroes and Automata

These darling robot and circuit board prints came from Connecting Threads, but they've been sold out for some time.  I picked up a fat quarter pack of them when they went on sale and combined them with some greys that had been ripening in my stash for a while in a super easy pattern, the inspiration for which I found here a few years ago.

I've been putting quite a bit of effort into using up what I have before buying something new, but finding the right back for this quilt took some doing.  It turns out it was sitting right there in my stash all along and I just wasn't thinking about it right.  What goes better with robots than superheroes?

Lucky for me there was that splash of blue in the fat quarters and of course lots of excellent orange.  I quilted with straight lines and used up all the odd bits of blues and turquoise bobbin threads that were sitting around from previous projects.  It adds a little character to the back.  Holy Warm and Cozy Quilt, Batman!

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  1. What a great finish! Perfect for a boy, and the fabric couldn't have been better chosen. Thanks for sharing your quilt.


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