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24 October 2014

Wrong Way With Bubbles


Wrong Way With Bubbles is my own design.  I had a jelly roll and a charm pack and had no idea what to do with them.  Combine that with some spare time and that spells trouble.  Which rhymes with bubble.  And that is starting to sound like a really old movie.

It's hard to claim a design is your own anymore.  I'm sure I've seen chevrons on other people's quilts, and the super simplified half log cabin blocks certainly aren't new, but I think they've been combined in a fairly unique way here, so meh.  It's original.

I love quilting bubbles.  They are super fun and pretty easy but you do have to pay attention to the work so the proportions look right.  A couple of these bubbles look a little flat.

I've had the absolutely crazy backing/binding fabric in my stash forever.  It was one of those too cheap to pass up kind of deals, but it sure gathered some dust.  When I started looking at the stash for a back fabric this one JUMPED out at me.  The colors are spot on.

Technical specs:  90" x 64".  All cotton fabrics, warm and natural batting.  Unknown manufacturer white cone thread tex 40, A&E colors in tex 40.

Thanks for stopping by to see my very odd quilt.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the Bloggers Quilt Festival!


  1. Your bubble quilting is to die for. I thought it was the fabric pattern and when I realized it wasn't I bowed down to you, right here at my computer. Excellent job. I'd love to know where you learned the process!

  2. Such a cool idea - love this! Really adds dimension with the bubble quilting!

  3. Fun! I love the quilting. Such a pretty quilt.


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