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05 October 2015


The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a daily deal email that I just can't quit checking out each morning.  The Daisy Splash 10" squares came up one morning this summer and I snatched it up.  Aren't these fabrics (by Jane Dixon for Andover) just the epitome of summer sunshine?  With a bit of orange, lime, and grey from my stash, and good old Kona white for the sashing, the layer cake was enough to make a heavy twin quilt top.  Fast and easy modern construction for the top with these oversize blocks and a bit of sashing.

Utility quilting with wooly nylon in red and lime, then some bright orange and a bit of grey (both A&E discontinuted threads) kept it easy and fast.

Like most colorful quilting, it shows up great on the white back when you see it in person.  In a photo, not so much.

The sashing is more of the orange I added from stash, but there wasn't quite enough so a bit of the green got tacked on the end.

Thanks Toni, Dorothy, and Beth for keeping me company during the binding. :)

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