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13 September 2007

Know Your Enemy

Do you just hate orange? How about curved piecing? Hand quilting?

I have a challenge for you, the literate quilter. Exercise your quilting flexibility and do the following exercise. Feel free to make something as small as a coaster or potholder if you're afraid that this will be a waste of time (it won't be though!).

Name your three least favorite quilting related tasks. Maybe you hate a specific color or color combination. Maybe you just don't see why anyone likes to paper piece. Whatever they are, write them down. Then go collect examples. Find a couple of pieces of fabric in the colors, styles, whatever that you don't like, pick a pattern you've always detested, use a technique that you think is for the birds, and make it! Do something to it that you like. For instance, if you can't stand blue and yellow together in a quilt and you don't like the drunkards path block (it's curvy, yikes!) and you'd rather clean a bathroom than hand quilt, you can make up a six inch drunkard's path block in yellow and blue. Quilt it up with your favorite color of thread, or add a binding in your favorite color even if it doesn't come close to matching or blending. Or maybe you could applique a precious little bunny face over the block for Easter.

When you're finished, one of two things will happen to you. Either (most likely) your face will soften, you will catch yourself smiling and noticing that you're really not so bad at curved piecing or blue and yellow aren't SO horrible together, and you'll realize that maybe this pattern (technique, color) could have a place in your quilting repertoire; or, (not as likely) you will look at it and swear you can smell the stink rising off it. At this point you can have the satisfaction of wadding it up and throwing it in the trash, knowing with a clear conscience that you had good reason to hate the technique, pattern or color. Even better, give it to your __________ -in-law as retribution for their last snide remark about your ability to clean house, cook or raise kids.

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