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24 September 2007

No Boring Backs

Why do quilt backs have to be boring? Why do they have to look like a discarded bed sheet? If I piece a back - blocks, borders and everything - will the quilt police come body slam me to the pavement and make me take it off? Is there a rule against a two-top quilt?

I say no more boring quilt backs. Most quilters seem to be piecers instead of quilters anyway. Use two of those marvelous tops you've made and send them to your favorite quilter and tell him/her to quilt it up! Even better, design a back to go with a specific top. Think of all the money you're going to save when you quilt two tops with one batting!

You probably wouldn't want to use exactly the same pattern on both front and ...uh...front (o.0) to prevent having lumpy spots where seam allowances are doubled. But surely a nice four patch back would go well with a pinwheel front, or maybe a string pieced front and an I spy back?

I started doing two front quilts years ago, but have been quiet about it just in case the quilt police are watching. So far I've gotten away with it.


  1. I'm all for piecing the backs, it's a great way to use up extra fabric that you can't really remember why you purchased in the first place.

    My tolerance for the quilt police is very low.

    Happy Quilting!

  2. I love two-sided quilts! My current bed-quilt has some sort of double-x blocks on one side and one giant log cabin block on the other. My twice-a-month housecleaner loves to keep switching it from one side to the other...


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