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22 September 2007

Quilt Dog

Oreo is a portuguese water dog. He is the bounciest, happiest, ball chasin'-est dog i've ever met. He's been my dog since he was just a few weeks old and even though his hair is starting to grey, he still acts like a puppy. When we're in the sewing room he goes straight to his special spot where none of the wheels on my chair can snag his tail or toe fur, then he has a bit of a nap. I took this picture because he is curled up so tight it makes him look really tiny. He does this when he thinks I have the air conditioning on too cool. He is a wonderful dog to quilt with because he never has anything bad to say about my quilts and he reminds me to go play outside several times a day.

Tell me about YOUR quilt dog!

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  1. Here he is in my profile pic! Meet Rascal!


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