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17 October 2007

Personal Quilting Epiphany

I sit in my sewing room while composing my blog entries. It helps keep me focused on the joys of needlecraft. I hope that comes through to the reader.

Anyway, as I sat here at the computer, propping my feet up, staring mindlessly out the window at the still green trees (instead of composing) and noticing the neighborhood stray cat on my garage roof, I caught myself thinking actual quilty thoughts. I keep all the quilts that are sandwiched and ready for quilting smoothed out on a queen sized bed in here as though I’d made the bed up with them. A finished quilt lives on top, and I warn everyone who comes in about the danger of taking a safety pin in the fat quarter if they sit on the bed. Sandwiches stay unwrinkled and don’t stretch or twist at all this way, plus I get the bonus of being able to see a corner or edge of most of them sticking out so I can muse about potential quilting designs.

What really caught my eye this morning was the quilts as a group: a riot of colors, lots of different patterns and styles. It would be so fun to keep a mountain of quilts on all the beds in the house all year long. Alas, I live in a region plagued by warm and pleasant weather for about ten months of the year, followed by two month when you really shouldn’t wear shorts outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I love the weather here; I wouldn’t be able to sew at all if I lived somewhere cool and humid (arthritis) and I just love my year round garden. Maybe as a special Christmas treat for myself I’ll turn on the air conditioning on Christmas eve, set it for about 50 (can you even do that?) and see how many quilts I can stand to pile up on top.

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  1. oh my, I just love that stack of quilts!

    Right now all of our beds are being used, but someday I'll be stacking finished quilts on beds just so I have a way to store them, my quilt collection is nearly getting out of hand!

    Do you hand quilt? That is quite a pile of quilts there waiting to be quilted. I have quite a few tops waiting for me (I hand quilt) but they aren't basted because it's easier to store them before sandwiching.

    Have fun quilting!


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