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22 December 2007

I'm working on a pair of baby mittens for my OFG's niece. She's about half a year old and lives in the Boston area, so mittens are a really good idea. Her mother is an absolute sweetheart and requested a pair of hand knit mittens. I'm a sucker for requests like that! The yarn is two pieces carried together, one is a sock weight very plain white artificial blend, and the lavendar is Knitting Fuzzy Fur which is a super thin eyelash type yarn.

I know this isn't quilting, but it's hand work and it's fun. Gotta put a thumb on this one and then make the other one. They won't be there in time for Christmas, but I bet she'll be wearing them by the New Year.

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  1. I didn't know you knit. I will bring my loom knitting next time. Hope you have a great Christmas!


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