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13 December 2007

Meaningful Holiday Celebration

My children are grown. I don't have to climb up on the roof and staple lights to the eaves anymore. I don't even have to set out a tree. I still put a wreath on the front door each year; it's a special one. My second oldest and I made it one year when we were the only ones at home and the holiday seemed a little lonely. We had a lot of fun with it and it turned out beautifully. It's still in great shape nearly a decade later so I still put it out.

For the past several years I've been trying to find a way to establish a meaningful holiday tradition that my whole family can participate in which has nothing to do with buying things. I'm not against buying gifts, I do it often and appreciate gifts that are bought for me. However, I don't want christmas for my family to be centered around wish fulfillment. We're all adults.

The Comfort Doll Project which I first found out about earlier this year struck me as an excellent idea. This year, instead of a tree, I'm going to set up a crafting table in the living room. I'll keep it supplied with all manner of doll making supplies and a box to put finished dolls in. I think I'll even work up a few "doll blanks" for people who are not particularly crafty. This table will stay stocked and ready to use all through the holidays and anyone who visits will be invited to help out. The first test of this holiday celebration will probably be during the holiday dinner I'll be cooking for my OFG's* family. They're game players, so this time instead of hauling out the deck of cards or scrabble board I'll invite them to paint on faces or sew on beads.

I would dearly love to hear about any such adventures you and yours participate in during the holidays, particularly things that can be done at home.

*Orange Fuzzy Guy


  1. I like the half log cabin quilt - autumn quilts are my favorite!

    The doll making sounds fun. We don't exchange gifts either but make a donation to Habitat for Humanity instead. Maybe I'll have my son make a few HeartStrings blocks while he's here visiting!


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