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10 January 2008

In The Works

It just isn't fair! Everyone else is already uploading wonderful images of what they've done for this first episode of the Take it Further Challenge and I only get to start the very beginning phase of sewing tonight!

I've never done any raw edge applique before and I've only worked with fusible web on things like blue jeans patches, so the pattern transfer and cutting stage of this project has moved very slowly.

It only took a few minutes to devise my plan based on the criteria sharon selected, so I really wanted to make the whole thing happen right away.

Can anyone guess yet who I'm making?


  1. Benazir Buttho?
    If it's not her, it is going to be great anyway. I presume the map will remain the background?

  2. When you are done, the wait will have been worth it.
    Karen B.


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