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23 January 2008

Interrim Report

I almost - I did say almost - feel guilty about how quickly I'm getting through my stack of sandwiches. So far I have quilted nine projects, and the next one to be loaded up is an actual customer quilt. I haven't chosen anything difficult for this one; I will stick with things I've already tried.

I did find, however, that I chose the wrong model of machine. I got the Optimum Plus from Gammill, and should have gotten the one that comes with eight extra hours in a day. I have since gone back to the site to see if I can get an upgrade, but I don't see the machine listed. Weird, huh. So if anyone wants to come over and do my washing, ironing, yard work and dirty dishes, just let me know.


  1. Thhhpppppffffftttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! How many left in that stack?

  2. twelve or so. depends on how you count it.

    i'm trying hard not to think about all the hand sewing i'll be doing on these bindings once they're all quilted. 0.o

  3. wowza! Is that customer one mine? Yipee!

    Not very good at yard work, but can help you with other stuff on Saturday!

  4. Well shoot 9 in 4 days. You should have those all done by next week!

  5. hang on, they make one with eight extra hours? Ooh, I want one of those!


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