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25 January 2008

Makin' Like a Tree

I designed my own pantograph pattern for the Half A**ed Log Cabin quilt I made from bargain fabrics recently. It is just as many different kinds of leaves as I could draw crammed in as tightly as possible with little peaks and swirls stuffed into the empty spaces. I deliberately made it as long as the quilt is wide and set it up so that it stacks neatly on itself. It took only a short time to make the pantograph because leaves aren't that tricky to draw, but quilting it is amazingly slow! You might have thought I'd realize that the more densely packed the stitches the longer it would take to quilt, but no, apparently I have no clue at all. It has taken me just under half an hour to do one repeat and it looks like seven or eight repeats will be needed total. So yah. Now I know.

It is still crazy fun, but I do have to stop once in a while to blink. (Can you see me staring bug eyed at my laser dot so I won't wiggle off a stem?)

I don't know how well you'll be able to see this bit of the pattern, I'm photographing in late afternoon with heavy overcast outside, so the light is very uniform (not good for seeing quilting). If you complain, I'll take a picture of part of the panto for you.


  1. Your sewing area looks divine, and if I didn't already have my own gammill I'd be green with envy! You're going to have so much fun with this, and you'll start to relax soon enough. I just can't believe how quickly the quilts get done, I love our Ms Millhouse. Are you going to name your machine?

  2. I don't see your accounting post you mentioned. Loved seeing all your work today!


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