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13 January 2008

Late Night Inspiration

Mary just made a cute postcard. She does this kind of thing alot. But this one made me think of a quilt. Here's the rough idea in eq6. I think I like the floating cakes better than the big cakes, but the whole thing is missing
something. Variety in the colors perhaps.

EDIT::: after reading mary's comment i added a cake taker to the bottom of the blocks and fiddled with the colors a bit. i like the newest version best, but for actually making the quilt i believe i'll add diamond shaped flames to the tops of the candles and vary the prints even more. these are all pretty monochromatic. Anyone interested in the eq6 patterns can email me and i'll be happy to send them.


  1. I used a card (as in paper) in a book as inspiration and she had it on a cake stand and used buttons and trims between the layers. It was really cute!

  2. I'd love the pattern! That is too cute! I think it would be an adorable quilt for my niece's first birthday.

    1. I would also like the pattern for this quilt......I love the cake stand so I would want that pattern.
      Mantecapat@yahoo.com is my address
      Thanks for the help.

  3. I do like the cake stands. I think because the background and sash are patterned it makes it too busy. That might be what seems off. 2 more days!! Woo hoo!!

  4. The cake stands really help. I think the colors look pretty good already, but will be interested in seeing more variations. Something to "spice" it up. Good job.


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