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26 January 2008

Muse of Quilting and Stitchery

Yes, Mereth, she (my new quilting machine) has a name. I agonized over this for several days and it was a toss up between simply calling her my therapist and naming her Terpsichore. Terpsichore won.

For those of you who don't file away greek mythology as clever party conversation topics (I wonder why I don't get invited to more parties?) Terpsichore is the muse (one of nine) of dancing and choral music. She was almost always depicted with a lyre in her hands and swirling robes. The name is pronounced
terp SICK or ee.

I chose this name because it really does feel like we're dancing as we whirl across the studio, creating beautiful swirling patterns on quilts and while I'm not much of a singer, I sure do enjoy playing music while I work. I even find that my quilting changes subtly when I play different kinds of music.

She got to meet my other quilting friends today, the rest of the gang that meets at my house about once a month (we call ourselves the English Street Quilters). A good time was had by all.


  1. I had a wonderful time! It was nice to get my 7 Sisters all patched up. I will have to figure out what is next up for me to work on over there.

  2. Yes, she is a beautiful machine and I can see you threading across the quilts doing a silent dance to your inner music.

    So, when are you going to let me play???


  3. Are you still binding? Maybe you need a little more fiber....*ggg*...

    I could resist but chose not to!


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