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15 January 2008

STir cRaZy

I'n going nuts. Twenty-two hours until the delivery guy gets here and my sewing room is just this huge void space right now. Everything has been put away until the machine is set up and then I'll redesign the room around it. Until then there's not a single project I can work on. BAD strategy. I've come upstairs to read weblogs, check email and review tomorrow's weather forecast about two dozen times since I woke at 3:30 this morning (don't even ask) and I've practically worn a trench in the floor between the sewing room and the front door making sure there's a clear path (we're kinda messy around here) for the delivery guy.

I tried picking up a couple of my favorite quilting books to flip through. Ha. That just made me antsier. I straightened up my stash a week or two ago right before I took pictures for a recent blog article so that doesn't need to be done. I suppose I could resort to something like actual work, but I'd be so distracted I'd probably sand my hand or lop off a finger.

Bookstore...maybe I'll go rumage around in a bookstore...


  1. 2 words - hand work! (Can I send you some?)

  2. Maybe I should come over to hold your hand or bring UFOs for you to work on for me...errrr..with me...

  3. I'm excited too, can't wait to see it next week!


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