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09 February 2008

Baroque Quilting

Hmmmmm...for some reason every top I quilt now seems to "need" quilting stitches jammed into every available square inch of space. Amazing how I thought less was more when I was shoving and twisting quilts around under my traditional machine.

Babs - I'm working on your purple and white top now and then I'll be FORCED to work on my own quilts unless you come up with a back for that UTAustin quilt (I have a nice piece of black on white that would work if you're interested). All of your others are finished.

The picture is just the way the light was reflecting off a plastic surface in my studio one morning. It looks to me like an ideal quilting motif - an angel maybe or a fairy. Yah, quilting on the brain.


  1. Half way through your stack of tops! Great job! I have been busy at my UFOs and have the 7 Sisters basted. I hoped to start quilting my Irish Chain but too many things got in the way.

  2. How much yardage do I need to get for that backing?

    I love the "fairy"!

  3. I know what you mean about quilting on the brain, it seems it's all I think about these days...the ones I'm working on...the ones I'm planning...and how to find more time to quilt!

    Have fun!


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