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03 February 2008

Take it Further February

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Sharon announced the challenge for February a few days ago, but my mind (as usual!) was elsewhere so I merely catalogued the information. I have chewed on this one since last night and am still drawing blanks. I want to continue to combine both the palette and the theme each month, and this palette will be easy, but the theme! I cannot for the life of me get a grip on the theme! I was born in '61 and my earliest memories are of the Kennedy assassination, the Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, reading funnies with my dad, snow angels and my very frisky dog, Raspy (short for Rasputin if you can believe that). What the..? How do I make all that mush together into a coherent work?


  1. I have similar memories...vivid ones of watching the news and reports of the Vietnam war trickling in. Maybe you could think of the family setting around TV.

  2. You have been tagged to post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog. See my blog for the "rules".


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