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14 February 2008

Grooming the Feather

I was going to call this post "Perfecting the Feather" but no, I'm nowhere near perfect. I have been practising freehand feathers which, after the initial fear of messing it all up, turn out to be pretty easy. If you get the right kind of background music going (I admit it, sometimes the music is just in my head!) you can dance right along with Terpsichore as she quilts.

I haven't gotten brave enough to try wonky feathers or fancy feathers on customer quilts yet, but I do plan to whip out some inexpensive WOW and build my own test quilt to work some of these on for practise.

Many thanks to my trusting customer who gives me free reign to quilt as desired!

(The feathers aren't creased and snagged. I just did a poor job of smoothing out the folds.)


  1. I wish you could see me grinning ear to ear. I love what you did with the quilt. I love giving you "creative reign" to let you explore.

  2. Your quilting is wonderful!

  3. i think it looks great! i'm too scared to try freehand feathers lol


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