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22 February 2008

Kids, Kitties, Kutting Korners

I collect snippets (corner cutoffs of 1/4 inch and less, square up bits, left over thread tails, bobbin windings gone bad...) in a bag near the sewing table and usually hand them off to a friend when the bag is full. She uses them to stuff pillows for pets. I decided to make a couple myself this time. I found the black, pink and turquoise kitty fabric at my favorite fabric shop and decided it would be perfect for my oldest daughter's teacup panther, Faraday.

I've been doing other things too, but this is all I have photographed today. Still working on February's Take it Further Challenge project...sorta...ok, I admit it - I still don't have a clue what I'm going to do. On Sunday I will sit down and stay at the sewing table until the project is seriously underway. Really.

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  1. hey! good for you!!! I'm glad pet pillows are becoming part of your repretore! As Martha says, "It's a good thing!"



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