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31 March 2008

Using Spare Time

Anyone remember this? It was the 1999 Block of the Month from Joann stores called My Favorite Things. About five years ago I found four of the blocks (January through April) in a clearance bin at my local Joann for something like twenty-five cents each. I snatched them up and noticed that i had several of these fabrics in my stash. I wandered around the store for a bit and found quite a bit of yardage of all of them so I bought a couple yards of everything, took it home and shoved it in my "spare time" box. You know the one - everybody has one - all the stuff you don't really think you'll ever get around to doing goes in there. Cross stitch Christmas cards, beaded handbag kits, things like that.

Oddly enough, I've been steadily working my way through my spare time box. Yesterday I made all twelve of these blocks, but the finished size of the quilt pictured just isn't big enough for a bed. So what I want to do is come up with an alternate block idea that will turn this twelve block quilt into a 24 or 25 block quilt. Nine patch? Four patch? String blocks? Rail fence? I have plenty of fabric for whatever I finally decide on so that's no issue. I'm just out of ideas. Something fairly simple I think, but maybe not so simple that it's just plain blocks.

Suggestions and ideas for an alternating block would be most welcome.

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