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16 September 2008

232 Mistakes

I'm disappointed. After all that squaring up, the border blends in with the blocks. I should have seperated the chevron border from the interior blocks with a thin pale border but I was too lazy to recalibrate the number of HSTs I would have needed and I wanted to preserve the 2" modularity of the top. Maybe I can devise a clever quilting plan that will help that border pop some. Hints and suggestions would be most welcome.


  1. I think you could make the quilt styles different enough for the center versus the borders to make it pop. Dense and loopy on the center...linear on the borders.

  2. Its a pretty quilt! I wonder how it would look if you sewed some bias on either side of the chevron border. You can get that iron on that you then stitch on either side - might be just the thing to set it off. You really did do a nice job on it though!

  3. I don't know - it's kind of blendy and subtle and I'm not sure any kind of quilting will make it more prominent. That's not necessarily a bad thing but given the fact that you went through the trouble of piecing the border you probably wanted it to stand out more.

  4. No idea, but blendy quilts were/are "popular."

    Another idea... Use it as a back.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt no matter what! But I do know how it is when one thing on your quilt sorta knaws at you. All the suggestions are great. Another that might work is a subtly wavy satin stich between the border and the quilt center. That would also take lots of work to make it come out right, but could look good.

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