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23 September 2008

Current Project List

I made a list of all the projects I am currently "working" on. These are all projects where SOME assembly has actually occured - so I don't have to list all the stacks of fabric set aside for something that I haven't even put scissors to yet! Each item links to a picture of the project so far. Be warned, however, that these are not great pictures. They're really just so I can remember what the heck the thing is. Most of them are pictures of baggies full of blocks. You can see them all on the sidebar just above my label cloud.

Go ahead - you now have my permission to laugh and point at how many unfinished tops I have sitting around in baggies.

My goal is to steadily work through these between now and the end of 2009. May not seem like much of a goal to some but I also have to crowd lots of eating, sleeping, and hanging around in the back yard with my dog into the schedule.


  1. Hi tirane,
    I just discovered your blog through QuiltersBuzz. I saw OZ and had to click. I live In Tasmania. I have subscribed as I love all of your projects and the way you write your blog. I have to run now but I'LL BE BACK to wander aROUND MORE.
    Cheers Shirley

  2. I find lists help me get things done. In addition to the *to do* lists I post on my blog periodically, I also have a list of UFO's, a list of current projects, and a list of quilts I want to make.

    Spreadsheets are wonderful! Good luck getting through your list.

  3. are you saying that you are NOT going to start anything new until you finish this list???

    oh! silly girl...


  4. Thanks for posting pics of your UFOs. I have found that by listing my WIPs (or in my case UFOs) on my blog it has motivated me to finish them....

    Can you please tell me how you got all the words in different sizes with links on the side of your blog? I would love to try it.

  5. I've got a speadsheet for my ufo's and I also keep a record in a three ring binder. It's great crossing things off the list but that hasn't happened too much lately. It all helps keep us on track!

  6. (( this is me laughing and pointing))....well.....you said we could!

    glad you found your way over to my place...come again!


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