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27 September 2008

Current Project Updates

I've updated the pictures (haven't done any actual work mind you!) on the First Focus (quilt as you go) sampler and the WOW Row Robin. You can now see all the wow rows and all the blocks for the focus swap are spread out so you can see them too. I'll keep all the older photos in the album as I work on each project, but I think I'll update the sidebar links to always show whatever is the most current.

Wild Coffee has been updated as well but this is because I appliqued another block for it Saturday while my quilting friends were over. Three down, six to go! When I finish appliqueing the basic shapes on these blocks I get to do all the fancy work to them. I can hardly wait.


  1. That looks very nice. Thanks for letting me watch you applique! I like to watch people as they sew...I pick up tricks that way from time to time!

  2. I didn't realize you had a picture that you worked from. Where did those come from? I can't wait to see how you set these blocks!

    I think I know how I will create that golf quilt. Plan to blog about it soon so be sure to give feedback.

  3. Oh Wow you are so clever. I love it and thanks for showing a pic in progress.
    Shirley in Oz


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