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27 September 2008

One Woman's Trash...

...is another woman's treasure. Judy Laquidara just posted about a couple of (what I think of as MINOR) booboos. The last block she has pictured (scroll to the bottom of that post to see it) is a nine patch variation with one of the little QSTs rotated 90 degrees from where it should be. I am certain this was frustrating and my heart goes out to her having to rip those stitches. BUT as soon as I saw the block I saw fishes. So five minutes with my tongue sticking out one side of my mouth while I stared like a zombie at my EQ6 screen and voila! Here are Judy's Fishes!

I've been looking for a good baby quilt idea and I believe she has helped me figure one out.

Thanks Judy!


  1. Brilliant! it's a great baby quilt.

  2. How cute! Glad I could help! :)

  3. Well, that is just the cutest idea! Don't you just love EQ!

  4. Wow that will make a fab baby quilt. Clever You.
    Shirley in Oz


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