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12 September 2008

Squaring Up Forever

Woo hoo! Three down, 117 to go!

I wonder why most people just put plain fabric strips on as borders?

EDIT: ...and of course it turns out that I made half as many as I needed so today i get to do the whole thing over again. Big sigh.

Yes, swooze, this border is for the top you saw draped over my machine a few days ago.


  1. Is this the border for the piece that was on the machine yesterday?

    I am getting excited for a new start this weekend!

  2. Well...one reason is they are like me, and don't think about how pretty a pieced border would be until they see it on someone else's quilt. Your Christmas quilt is just beautiful and brings up something else I forget about doing. That is adding a header row, which I just love on quilt. Yours looks just great!

  3. Well my favorite is a quilt without ANY borders but I do think on scrappy quilts - the framing effect from a plain border or two is nice.


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