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04 September 2008

Christmas Quilt Complete

This quilt started as an appliqued tree (center block) and then went to several quilters' homes to get another round added on. When it got back to me everything but the header panel and outer borders (2"beige and tricolor flying geese) was on it. It took nearly a year to do that header applique and then just a couple weeks to add the flying geese. It sat on the shelf for two years after that and finally got sandwiched in preparation for Terpsichore's arrival just under a year ago.

What fun it has been to get the very last quilt in the stack finished! This one will just be a quilt for my family - it isn't fancy or exciting, just kinda fun. The backing fabric was just a few pennies per yard (about 30 cents if I remember correctly) so I bought twenty or so yards of it. I believe I've finally used it up with this back.

I'll be taking a day or two to experiment with the feathered star blocks that have been cooking in my brain for a few weeks now. If I manage to make anything useable, I'll post.


  1. I love it. I want to take a close look next visit to see what your final design choices were on some of the spaces we discussed but you had not decided upon yet.

    Time to build up some more tops of your own!

    Great job on finishing up the backlog!

  2. Now you have time to make more black & white quilts. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. It is gorgeous! What a great group you had for the round robin,,, and your finishing was just perfect. Congrats!


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