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19 December 2008

Ocean Straights

Yes yes, it's supposed to be ocean waves, but this quilt is a very geometric representation of water so it called for a slightly different interpretation. I thought of bubble curtains (like in a fancy fish tank) rather than ocean waves, and the top's maker, Swooze, agreed.

I got to use my circle templates a LOT and my recently repaired horizontal lock which made this a bit of a departure for me since most of my stuff is freehand. I'm just never going to get tired of quilting!


  1. Wonderful! So for binding you were thinking of that light green? I will bring the one I had in mind so we can discuss.

  2. Love how you are quilting this! I really like the scrappy 9P and all the creative ways you filled the octagons.

  3. I love the colors of that quilt and you did an Awesome Job Quilting it!

    Happy Stitching!



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